The first step is to call and set up an appointment with The Clearwater Company. We can discuss what you have in mind and explain any additional options that you may need or want to consider. We will design the pool based on that initial meeting and, upon your approval of the design, we will prepare a quote.

The Clearwater Company will be happy to build the pool to your design specifications. Indeed, The Clearwater Company in Columbia, SC has worked with numerous designers and landscape architects to build pools according to their specifications.

The construction time can vary greatly depending on the size and design of the pool, the conditions at the job site (soil type, slope, etc.), the materials being used for coping and decking, and the weather. For this reason, we cannot make a generalized statement about the length of the construction period.

It’s very difficult to provide a ballpark figure because the price can vary greatly depending on the size/design of the pool and the materials chosen. Please click to our website or call us at 803-781-8364 for a Free Pool Design Consultation.

The Clearwater Company’s performance from pre-construction planning to final punch-out was exemplary. Their attention to detail throughout the project was clearly evident in the final product. We look forward to calling upon them again for future projects involving aquatic projects.